Ashley Lauren Spencer

Autistic E-Commerce Entrepreneur | Writer

The Autistic Innovator

The Autistic Innovator has a vast selection of stim toys, stim jewelry, chew necklaces, clothing, & more, all for Autistic Adults.

I Love Plushies

I Love Plushies is an all plushies store for plushie lovers.

Autistic Bookshop

The first self-publishing bookshop made for autistic authors.


I am the owner and sole operator of The Autistic Innovator LLC.Like many of us, I didn’t know I was autistic until I was 35 years old. We all know what happens with a late-in-life diagnosis - we spend a lifetime wondering what is wrong with us.Eight months after I was informally diagnosed, I launched The Autistic Innovator and began a journey that started as an autism blog and now includes three e-commerce stores, a book, and an audiobook.What’s driven me from the very beginning is a desire to encourage entrepreneurship in autistic adults - it’s one of my great passions in life.


Resources for Autistic Adults: Volume 1 - covers topics, such as masking and unmasking, life hacks, workplace accommodations, what to do after an autism diagnosis, self-acceptance, and many other self-help topics for autistic adults.

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